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(The Man and the Message)


“William Baptiste’s work is crucial.”
Dr. Andrew Bennett,
Senior Fellow, Religious Freedom Institute (Washington, DC);
Director, Cardus Religious Freedom Institute (Ottawa);
Canada’s first Ambassador of Religious Freedom, appointed by
Prime Minister Stephen Harper


“5 out of 5 stars . . . A book worth reading . . . I would like to highly recommend this book . . .”
Dr. James Harold,
Professor of Philosophy (Sometime Philosophy Department Chair)
Franciscan University of Steubenville

From Dr. Harold’s review of William Baptiste’s book Realism Versus Relativism: THE THINKING REVOLUTION
Unveils the Philosophical Incompatibility Underlying Today’s Polarized Politics


The Voice Speaking with Intellectual Honesty and Clarity to Our Unstable Times (Where Free Democracy Itself is Threatened) How to Build Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms to Last for Centuries on Their Firm Traditional, Historical, Philosophical, Scientific and Logical Foundations

William Baptiste: Life-Long Learner; Scholar; Logician; Political Philosopher; Ecumenist; Theologian;

Author of DEMOCRACY 101; Pro-Life Equals Pro-Democracy; KNIGHTS OF HUMAN RIGHTS, LADIES OF LASTING DEMOCRACY (Handbook Manifesto of the Global Solidarity Movement); The Anti-Communist Manifesto; Realism Versus Relativism;

The Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy (Plus 10 Core Principles of Lasting Democracy);

Founder of Human Rights and Freedoms Forever!  and The Intellectual Honesty Challenge;

Non-Partisan Thinker Calling All the World’s Political Parties of Left and Right to Together Constitutionally Enshrine Equal Human Preciousness and Equal Human Rights for All Humans and Thus Explicitly Restore The Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy If They Have Strayed from Free Democracy’s Implicit Foundations; Proclaimer of THE THINKING REVOLUTION;

(and Like Everyone Else in One Degree or another, William Baptiste is a Broken and Flawed Human Being Nevertheless Still Called (by Divine Love) to Make the Universe a Better and More Loving Place Because He is in It)

Like All Humans, Called to The Universal Human Responsibility to Recognize Equal Human Rights in All Other Humans, which is the Foundation of Free Human Societies and the Antidote to All Bigotry and Totalitarian Genocide,

Such as That Bigotry Behind the Legal Genocide Which Murdered Millions of Humans of William’s Ethnicity, and the Legal Human-Killing Bigotry Started by the Very Same Genocidal Murderers – Legal Abortion –

which Still Continues to Kill Millions of Humans Today Under Unwittingly Totalitarian-Oriented and Bigoted Pro-Choice(-to-Kill-Humans) Governments which, Clueless that They Are Following Oppressive Totalitarian Precedent,

Just Like the Genocidal Murderers Who First Legalized Abortion are Now Passing More and More Totalitarian Laws Against Free Speech in order to Keep Their Legal Human-Killing Legal, Against the Mountain of Evidence from Science, Logic, Human Rights History, and the History of Philosophy (Collected in William’s Books) that Pro-Life = Pro-Democracy and Pro-Choice = Pro-Totalitarianism.

William Baptiste as a Human Rights Scholar Can Be Arrested and Jailed in His Country for Peaceful Human Rights Advocacy and for Speaking Scientific and Historical Facts Supportive of Democracy-Grounding Equal Human Rights for All Humans. Legal Abortion, Which Follows Totalitarian Legal Human-Killing Precedent in the First Place, Logically Requires Such Totalitarian Laws Against Free Speech, and the Ultimate End of Free Democracy, in Order to Keep Such an Inherently Anti-Human and Totalitarian Practice as Abortion Legal Long-term.

William Baptiste from a highly educated sense of Living History speaks boldly and intelligently and articulately for the voiceless and silenced victims of bigotry and its most extreme form, genocide:

William speaks for the millions of silenced victims murdered in the bigoted Holodomor Genocide of humans of his own Ukrainian ethnic group;

he speaks for the millions of silenced victims murdered in the bigoted Holocaust Genocide of humans of the Jewish ethnic group (plus disabled humans), Ukrainian and Jewish humans sharing a scholarly “Ukrainian-Jewish Encounter” as victims of history’s two biggest bigoted genocides which occurred about the same time;

and he speaks for the millions of voiceless humans murdered in the Abortion Genocide of preborn humans just like every one of us at their age, which was started precisely by the very same perpetrators of the world’s two biggest genocides against the Ukrainians and Jews, the (Marxist) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and Germany Under Adolf Hitler’s (Fascist) National Socialist German Worker’s Party (Nazi Party for short), the Soviet Marxists and Nazi Fascists being the first (extremist, totalitarian) political parties to legalize human-killing by abortion precisely because these evil totalitarian regimes did not accept Democracy-grounding Equal Human Rights for All Humans nor the Inherent Human Right to Live.

William Baptiste with fierce intelligence champions the Democratic Free Speech of Pro-Life Human Rights Advocates and Real Doctors who do not kill humans, Free Speech on behalf of Democracy-grounding Equal Human Rights for All Humans, against all the increasingly common totalitarian Free Speech-ending and Democracy-ending Pro-Choice laws and policies passed by ignorant Pro-CHOICE bigoted politicians worldwide who (like all bigots) CHOOSE just which humans they think have equal worth and rights and just which humans they think have no Human Rights and can be legally killed – just like the Soviet and Nazi bigots who were the first to legalize human-killing by abortion (and by euthanasia; and by genocide – all because they were evil and did not believe killing humans is wrong).

Before his Ph.D. studies at the Sheptytsky Institute and being a professor at Dominican University College (where he replaced Dr. Andrew Bennett, appointed Canada’s Ambassador of Religious Freedom), William Baptiste got his Master’s Degree with Honors at Franciscan University of Steubenville (FUS), where the Philosophy Chair testified in writing to the University President and others of

“his tremendous academic talent” and “considerable power of mind;”
 “It is very difficult to conquer certain ideas, especially in a discipline that is not one’s own, and yet he did that in a seemingly easy and effortless way. He was able to master the ideas and “clothe” them in his own words with nothing lost in the translation. It is an extremely rare kind of student who can make a difficult discipline one’s own in the space of a semester.”

William Baptiste has since used this genius intelligence and a lifetime of reading (and haunting academic libraries, sometimes sleeping in them to the chagrin of university officials) to thoughtfully discern and lay out clearly from the tangled webs of historical details the “golden threads” woven throughout history that give us all our Human Rights and democratic freedoms.  It helped that he was professor of a university course covering the period during which what he has identified as The Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy were laid; and covering many of the thinkers who laid them throughout the West.

At FUS, the famous Dr. Scott Hahn wrote William’s work was

“outstanding,” “excellent,” “clear, thoughtful and thorough”

and the Theology Chair Dr. Alan Schreck endorsed William’s educational Donum Veritatis – The Gift of Truth Ministries

“as an effective and important means to spread the faith and to promote Christian unity… It really is a ‘gift’ to the ‘Internet Generation.’” 

William was invited three times to the ecumenical Springtime of Faith Rome Summits (Catholic and Evangelical Christian leaders meeting with Vatican Officials) for being considered “one of the dynamic leaders building the New Springtime of Faith.”  William was the first Eastern Rite Christian to attend the Summits, as a member of the 20th Century’s largest underground Church, which officially did not exist in the totalitarian (Atheist, Marxist) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) which committed the Holodomor Genocide against his ethnic group.

The Director of the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies (MASI), the Very Reverend Stephen Wojcichowsky, confirmed that

“Mr. Baptiste is an exceptionally talented [doctoral] student”
and that
“the professors and staff of the Sheptytsky Institute are pleased that William has chosen to pursue this important [ecumenical doctoral] work at our Institute, which shares his ecumenical spirit and prays with him that Christ’s disciples may indeed ‘be one … so that the world may believe’ ” (John 17:21),
adding that
“He has an indomitable determination to use his many gifts to serve God by working towards the reunification of the Church and bringing the Good News of salvation to the world  . . . William has infectious confidence in the love and power of the Holy Trinity and he manages to exude the joy of the Holy Spirit even when facing challenging difficulties.”

Having taught a course in the Formal Science of Logic, as a logician William Baptiste reminds all those who would read his above Christian qualifications and be tempted to simply dismiss his books merely on that basis (instead of engaging with their powerful facts and logic with intellectual honesty), that to do so is to commit what the Science of Logic calls “the genetic fallacy” combined with “circular reasoning,” known as “Bulverism.”  He writes,

“Intellectually dishonest, bigoted anti-Christian and Pro-Choice “Bulverism” first assumes that Christians and Pro-Lifers are wrong and then “justifies” turning off the brain and not listening to facts and logic presented by Christians and Pro-Lifers merely on the basis of the “wrongness” assumed but not proved (circular reasoning).  Intellectually lazy Bulverists say things like “you only believe that because you’re a Christian/Pro-Lifer,” as if the origin or “genetics” of their opponents’ belief justify simply dismissing their position (the genetic fallacy), without any regard to the overwhelming facts of Science, Logic, and Human Rights History (and the History of Philosophy) which support the conclusions that Pro-Life = Pro-Democracy and that Christianity, if it need not be individually embraced, must at least be respected by governments as the origin and source of the underlying Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy, in any country that wants to remain a free democracy and not eventually fall to current ‘Creeping Totalitarianism’ now undermining Democracy from its very foundations.”

William declares:

 “No intellectually honest person can deny Western Human Rights and freedoms start with The Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy identified herein (like equal human preciousness and the Inherent Human Right to Live), which Christianity introduced into the West, and only the intellectually dishonest would dismiss these books lightly and without engaging with their undisputed scientific and historical facts and sound logic.  But LASTING Democracy, religious freedom, and Human Rights for all requires that in response to current ‘Creeping Totalitarianism’ these books start a DIALOGUE in Western nations about just how to ensure these highest of Western values last for the long-term.”

[2021 Update:] William’s initial professionally published contribution to this dialogue, to finally start it properly (and possibly to end it quickly), is 2020’s Pro-Life Equals Pro-Democracy, published by Westbow Press in 2021, as a kind of “sequel” to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago.  A new book to help finish Solzhenitsyn’s brilliant work of exposing and helping end the philosophical errors (and naturally resulting political atrocities) of Marxism (atrocities like the first legal human-killing by abortion and by genocide) – in recognition of the first ten million victims of Marxist ideology in practice, from William’s Ukrainian ethnic heritage, in the Marxist Soviet Holodomor Genocide (Preceded by the first human victims of legal abortion in the same genocidal Socialist Soviet Union.  Followed by many more tens of millions of victims of Marxist ideology killed in the Cold War Marxist Soviet Bloc and in Marxist China, Cambodia, Vietnam, North Korea and so on).  Because (as shown in William’s books) Marxism is deeply rooted in philosophical Skepticism and Relativism (instead of the philosophical Realism which grounds Science, Logic, Technology, Human Rights and Free Democracy), those influenced by Relativist and Marxist thinking (including Pro-Choicers who follow the Marxist precedent of legal abortion) are prone to not take objective facts seriously nor honestly, but they wriggle out of admitting facts which do not fit their ideology as much as they can (Pro-Choicers typically avoid admitting obvious objective scientific facts like preborn humans are humans so abortion kills humans), and they build their politics on ideology instead of education.   William explains,

Solzhenitsyn wrote,

“To do evil a human being must first of all believe that what he’s doing is good . . .” and wrote

“Ideology – that is what gives evildoing its long-sought justification and gives the evildoer the necessary steadfastness and determination. That is the social theory which helps to make his acts seem good instead of bad in his own and others’ eyes . . . Thanks to ideology the twentieth century was fated to experience evildoing calculated on a scale in the millions.”

This is why Marxists (and today’s Pro-Choice Neo-Marxist “Identity Politics”  ideologues, with their “Political Correctness” and “Cancel Culture”) have never learned from all the tens of millions of human deaths resulting from every single attempt to implement at the State level the seductively beautiful-sounding but unrealistic “Marxist egalitarian utopia where no-one owns anything and everyone is happy.”  Because what Solzhenitsyn called their “impaired thinking ability” coming from Relativist Marxism means they never learn that Relativistic Marxism just does not work in the Real world.  They just keep trying to hammer (and sickle) the “Red Square peg” of Marxism into the “round hole” of Reality, no matter how many tens of millions of humans are killed in the repeated attempts.  One quarter of Cambodia’s population died under Marxist policies, but such facts make little difference to Relativists like Marxists (and Pro-Choicers) who doubt or deny objective facts and insist that everything is subjective and therefore relative.  This subjectivist lack of grip on objective Reality is why Marxists (and today’s Pro-Choice Neo-Marxists practicing “Political Correctness,” “Identity Politics,” and “Cancel Culture”) are fundamentally intellectually dishonest and end up setting up political policies and systems built on a web of lies, just like the one Solzhenitsyn exposed in the world’s first Marxist Socialist State, the totalitarian Soviet Union which was the first State to legalize human-killing by abortion.  Relativist Pro-Choicers following their example today cannot even use language honestly and scientifically, calling what scientifically-speaking are undisputedly unique fetal-age human lives mere “uterine contents” (Planned Parenthood’s term) or “tissue blobs.”  Pro-Choicers accuse Pro-Life Human Rights Advocate politicians of being “against a woman’s right to choose” because Pro-Choicers cannot even speak honestly and scientifically about the fact they as Pro-Choicers believe in the right to CHOOSE  to KILL what scientifically-speaking are unique living individual biological human organisms (just like each of us at their age) with absolutely unique human DNA utterly distinct from their parents at every age and stage of their human life-cycles (zygote to senior adult).  Science and facts ultimately mean little to those influenced by Relativist and Marxist thinking, which is so dishonest (thanks to its “ideology over education”) that the Soviet Marxist Holodomor Genocide killing 7-10 million humans of my ethnic group in 1932-33 was at the time covered up not only in the Socialist Soviet Union but also by Western (philosophically Relativist not Realist) Marxist/Socialist-influenced mainstream media, which actually gave the Pulitzer Prize to the dishonest New York Times journalist who denied the genocide, and discredited and fired the honest whistle-blower journalists who tried to expose the killing while it was happening. 

So, we in the West must now realize just how long Western mainstream media has been Marxist-influenced (and Relativist-influenced).   Solzhenitsyn, living in the U.S. for 18 years after he was exiled from Marxist Soviet Russia for exposing its evils in The Gulag Archipelago (published 1973), as a Nobel Prize-winning author, historian and the world’s foremost authority on Soviet Marxism, confirmed that the same insidious (philosophically Relativist not Realist and therefore anti-scientific) Marxist ideology which he said  “cannibalized” his beloved Russia had also infected Western education and mainstream media as well, through “an enormous number of Western intellectuals who felt a kinship and refused to see [Marxist] communism’s crimes. When they no longer could do so, they tried to justify them.”  Solzhenitsyn repeatedly warned the West this Relativist, Marxist influence in education and media was taking the West towards the same totalitarian ends as the Soviet Union, just more slowly and by a different route.  Solzhenitsyn lamented,

“In actual fact our Russian experience . . . is vitally important for the West, because by some chance of history we have trodden the same path seventy or eighty years before the West. And now it is with a strange sensation that we look at what is happening to you; many social phenomena that happened in Russia before its collapse are being repeated. Our experience of life is of vital importance to the West, but I am not convinced that you are capable of assimilating it without having gone through it to the end yourselves . . .”

Seeing Solzhenitsyn’s prediction starting to more dramatically come true at the end of 2020, in 2021 William Baptiste quickly followed up Westbow Press’s publication of Pro-Life Equals Pro-Democracy with the self-published and unedited “Emergency First Edition/ Advance Reader Copy” of his new book


Handbook Manifesto of the Educated Global Solidarity Movement Against Uneducated Global ‘Creeping Totalitarianism’ Now Accelerating

as a handbook to quickly educate and equip freedom lovers everywhere to effectively stand up together in Global Solidarity for democracy-grounding (and philosophically Realist not Relativist) Traditional Western Pro-Life Family Values in public policy.  So they can learn to be like the good Poles who stood together in Solidarity against the oppressive totalitarian Relativist Marxist ideology which had enslaved Poland, thus undermining hardline Soviet Marxist Communism in the Soviet Bloc and helping to bloodlessly end the totalitarian Soviet Union (and with it end the Cold War).  Instead of being like the good Germans who lost their democracy to totalitarianism because they allowed themselves to be intimidated into silence and separation by their totalitarian-oriented National Socialist (in German, Nazi for short) ruling political party which (like too many Western political parties today) did not believe in Equal Human Rights for All Humans (hence the genocidal totalitarian, politically extremist-Right Nazi Party was the next political party after the genocidal totalitarian, politically extremist-Left Soviet Marxist Communist Party, to legalize human-killing by abortion and by genocide).

Expecting his own first grandchild by end Summer 2021, to save Human Rights and democratic freedoms for everyone’s children and grandchildren against all current and future threats to Free Democracy, William Baptiste has clearly articulated Democracy’s implicit foundations embedded in Traditional Western Values, making them into explicit Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy, plus 10 Core Principles of Lasting Democracy, which can be constitutionally enshrined in Western nations to give Human Rights and freedoms a secure foundation for centuries.  At this critical ‘tipping point’ between totalitarianism and democracy in 2021, William declared THE THINKING REVOLUTION for the first time in print in Pro-Life Equals Pro-Democracy and in the shorter follow-up books Knights of Human Rights, Ladies of Lasting Democracy and The Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy. (Also The Anti-Communist Manifesto and Realism Versus Relativism).  These books launch a Global Solidarity Movement for these key Traditional Western Values which Democracy was built on to be the continued guide of public policy, a movement which can rally under the Flag of Democracy William designed for the purpose, which states the necessary starting point right on the flag:

Foundational Principle of Democracy #1: Every human life, without exception, is SUPREMELY and EQUALLY precious.

Foundational Principle of Democracy #2: Every human life must be free from government coercion in matters of belief, so they may freely seek and find this beautiful truth foundational to democracy.

Human Rights and Freedoms Forever!

With his health finally on the upswing in 2021, after years of thoughtfully writing the book manuscripts while dealing with serious injury and serious injury complications like severe infection requiring extensive further surgery, plus internal bleeding, anemia and debilitating headaches which took excessive time to diagnose and treat because of hospital lockdowns during the Coronavirus Pandemic, William Baptiste in 2021 is now launching the (still unedited) first books of the HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION FOR LASTING FREE DEMOCRACY book series, and finally launching the educational Non-Profit Organization (NPO) Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! he founded to further develop, polish and spread the HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION FOR LASTING FREE DEMOCRACY the world now so desperately needs to retain its freedom, which NPO he has been preparing to launch while convalescing and writing the book manuscripts.  Those who want to help support and spread this HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION FOR LASTING FREE DEMOCRACY (poetically-speaking, becoming “Knights of Human Rights, Ladies of Lasting Democracy”), can contact Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! to order the books, flags and promotional materials, donate, volunteer (become local “Volunteer Democracy Leaders” in your area!), or book William Baptiste as a speaker for your human-life-and-freedom-loving event!


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